Finally Nab These 3 Elusive Customers With UniVoIP’s Partner Program

Research shows1 the global Uunified Ccommunications as a Service (UCaaS) market is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 8.4% from 2020 to 2026. At a valuation of $24.3 billion, the market will be too lucrative for partners to pass up, which means they should start selling UCaaS now if they haven’t already. 

Even if you’re already selling cloud communications technology to your customers, there will always be the hard-to-close accounts. You know them: the ones that are picky, sensitive, or enormous. Does your current cloud communications provider help you sell to those customers? And if you don’t sell UCaaS yet, do you have a plan for targeting those customers? This is where UniVoIP comes in.

Here's how to nab customers that are: Complex or Large Sensitive High Maintenance

UniVoIP is the only unified communications provider that will make your “difficult” customers happy. Here’s how you can nail down those accounts with our partner program:

Simplify the Super Complex Customer’s Problems

UniVoIP’s portfolio and engineering support team were designed to service the businesses that other unified communications providers are too afraid to tackle. One third of our company is made up of software development engineers, so we bring a ton of technology expertise to the point of sale. As an engineering-heavy provider, we thrive in engagements where there is complexity. 

If one of your customers is asking for a solution outside the norm – or perhaps they are such a big business, their size makes them complex – they are going to need UniVoIP’s expertise. We tackle these complicated accounts, understand their requirements, deliver the right technology, and apply our unique experience and knowledge to provide a simple solution.

1. Assuage the Sensitive Customer’s Fears

Too many businesses out there have been burned by other cloud communications providers. Whether they have simply not enjoyed the technology, found the onboarding process laborious, or – most typically – have battled poor customer service, they’re skeptical of cloud voice now. We don’t blame them. For too long, other providers have run quote shops, taking any and all customers with a one-size-fits-all solution. (And notoriously sub-par customer service.)

That’s why UniVoIP aims to turn those experiences on their heads. As our partner, you’ll be able to hand us the companies that turn their nose up at moving to a cloud voice solution all over again. Our industry-low churn rate speaks for itself: only .25% of our customers have ever left. We keep your customers happy for life with our team of experts, cloud-native technology, and white-glove customer service that is unheard of in the industry.

2. Give the Hands-On Customer the Solution of Their Dreams

UniVoIP is perfect for customers that are looking for more than just a standard product. If you have clients that want to be involved with the design of their solution, have lots of input, and want to customize their end result, then UniVoIP is the provider for them. 

Unlike our contemporaries, we thrive on customer interaction, satisfaction, and customization. We do not shy away from thorny projects with many moving parts and individualized preferences. 

3. Bag Those Run-Away Customers You’d Thought You Lost

If you’ve put a handful of difficult customers in the corner, become a UniVoIP partner and open up that can of worms. We specialize in taking on tricky, complicated, big, challenging accounts, and we guarantee they will be happy. Learn more about our partner program by contacting us.



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