How Geofencing Simplifies Your Business Communications On-The-Go

Geofencing: Your New GPS – Making it Easier for You to Stay Connected to Colleagues, Partners and Customers when You’re Mobile


Geofencing is a powerful location-based service born in MiCollab, a cloud collaboration application for UnVoIP OfficeConnect Enterprise Edition Power Users.

This game changing technology automatically adjusts your availability status and call routing preferences within the application when your mobile device enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence.

So, let’s take a look at how geofencing helps you stay connected when you’re mobile. 

Move #1:

You head into work for the day and while you’re in route, geofencing sets your status to “Mobile”, automatically routing all work calls to your mobile device.

Move #2:

But, when you arrive into the virtual boundary that you set up as your office, your status now changes to “In the office” and incoming calls route to your desk phone.

Move #3:

Then when it’s time for lunch or that hour gym session you’re trying to squeeze in, as soon as you leave the office building, geofencing automatically sets your status to “Mobile” and routes calls to your cell phone.

Move #4:

And when you head home at 5pm, your status routinely changes to “Gone for the day”, and routes all calls directly to your voicemail. Or for the workaholics, your status can change to “Working from home” and have all calls forwarded to a home phone number.

So, once you’re all set up, geofencing becomes your personal assistant that simplifies your availability status as you move from location to location enhancing your overall remote work experience.

About MiCollab: The Collaboration Application that Powers Geofencing

A collaborative multimedia interaction tool that provides employees with everything they need to connect, collaborate and communicate across blended environments and on their favorite devices, such as iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

MiCollab empowers employees to boost the sharing of knowledge and ideas across business silos, extend the power of teamwork beyond the walls of an office space, and reduce project completion time with more efficient collaboration.

Learn more about MiCollab here.


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