How a VoIP Provider’s Customer Service Cycle Should Look

Your Business Deserves to be Treated With The Respect It Needs

Your business is a precious entity that you work long days and probably spent countless nights awake thinking of ways to nurture its success. Your business communications service provider is no different, that is if they are doing it right. It’s time for you to partner with a VoIP provider for your business that supports your need for growth, mobility and offers you unparalleled customer service. Your business deserves it.

VoIP is not about sending you a box of equipment and sending you on your way. It’s about nurturing a community, a partnership and a long-term relationship between your business and your service provider. It’s no secret that customer service can be a hassle, a pain and an all around bad experience for many businesses trying to deal with their service provider. If your communications provider doesn’t provide you with the utmost care and respect, you are with the wrong provider.

What your VoIP provider’s customer service cycle should look like:

Assessment and Site Inspection – We will check your network infrastructure, test your Internet connection and make sure everything is fully functional.

Recommendation and Options – Private or public cloud? On premise or hosted? With UniVoIP you can rest assured that you will get the best solution for YOU.

Installation and Training – Our technicians will professionally install your phones and train your staff. All hardware comes with life-time warranty.

Your Personal Account Manager – Once up and running you will get access to a personal account manager that will handle all your requests.

Free US-based Support (24/7) – Our US-based fanatical support team is always available. 24/7 any day of the year (yes even during Super Bowl)

Learn more: UniVoIP has a strong track record of helping thousands of companies reach market growth, increase office productivity and migrate to secured and reliable communication.


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