How the COPD Foundation Became a Powerful Nonprofit with Mobile Collaboration

COPD Foundation Experiences Advanced Mobile Collaboration with The UniVoIP App


UniVoIP offers a flexible solution with a powerful set of mobile collaboration tools like The UniVoIP App. As the Vice President of Operations working remotely, this application has enabled me to stay connected to my staff as if I was working in the office. – Jason Moury, COPD Foundation

Research, Education and Advocacy for COPD Patients

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease is a preventable and treatable disease. The COPD Foundation has been established to speed innovations which will make treatments more effective and affordable, undertake initiatives that result in expanded services for COPD patients, and improve the lives of patients with COPD and related disorders.

The Limitations of a Legacy Phone System

With COPD’s highly mobile workforce, operating on a premise-based PBX system was no longer an option due to its limitations. COPD struggled with keeping employees connected and collaborating at all times as well as faced difficulty managing telecommuter phones from headquarters. This challenge ultimately had a negative impact on operations for departments including community outreach, public policy & outcomes, research and more. All things considered, COPD’s on-premise PBX system produced avoidable bottlenecks in productivity and connectivity that could easily be solved by the cloud.

The UniVoIP App – The Office On-The-Go

COPD’s main goal was to maximize collaboration and create a more flexible and mobile workforce, so they decided an upgrade to the cloud was overdue. With UniVoIP’s cloud-based solution, employees and administrators can now easily manage their phones via a web portal and avoid having to ship the phones back to headquarters for needed changes. Furthermore, a key factor in COPD’s decision to choose UniVoIP was the ability to experience full phone system functionality on-the-go or at remote locations with The UniVoIP App.

The UniVoIP App allows our employees to be mobile while still being connected to the office from anywhere at any time. UniVoIP’s application lets our staff’s cell phones become an extension of their office phone and enables them to keep their personal phone number confidential when away from their desk. They can also access their work voicemail, exchange files and use the app’s chat feature for instant communication and reduce the amount of emails shared between employees.– Vice President of Operations, COPD

Communication Cost Reduction Measures

By moving to UniVoIP and adopting a cloud-based phone solution that met their mobility needs, COPD was able to control their monthly communication expenses through one provider and one low monthly bill. Furthermore, with donated VoIP phones through UniVoIP’s Nonprofit Assistance Program, COPD was able to drastically reduce overhead expenditures and allocate unused budget towards fulfilling their mission.


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