How Your Medical Practice Can Avoid Patient No Shows

No More No Shows at Your Medical Pratice with an Appointment Reminder and Patient Communication Application


Everyone makes an appointment to see a doctor at some point for one reason or another. It’s just as often that patients, new or re-occurring, can’t make it to their appointment and it’s not always that patients call to cancel. With an average of more than a dozen “No Shows” per week, that can mean as little as 60 minutes or as much as 2-3 hours (depending on the practice) of time wasted and hundreds of dollars down the drain.

Yes many practices implement a “No Show – No Cancellation” fee, however, an ongoing case of the “No Shows” can seriously impact a medical practice’s operation of business. Not only are those time slots wasted time that other patients could have been placed into, but it also can invoke legal issues if your practice doesn’t have an appropriate strategy in place to address them.

The “No Show Effect” is plaguing medical practices everywhere, but there is a simple solution to the problem. Healthcare providers are combating patient No Shows with a communications solution specifically designed to meet the needs of medical practices.

OfficeConnect – Medical Office Solution – No More No-Shows!

Alerts your patients with automatic Text, Voice, and Email appointment reminders. Reminders are proven to drastically reduce ‘no-shows’ and stimulate repeat business. Our Text Appointment Reminders are much less intrusive than a phone call and much less resource intensive for your staff.   All of our appointment reminders are ‘2-way’ meaning your patients will be able to confirm or request a reschedule via text, email or phone. For example, if a patient gets a text appointment reminder, they can reply to that message with a ‘1’ to confirm the appointment.


  • Unlimited automated appointment reminders – text, email, voice
  • Interactive reminders allowing patients to confirm, request or reschedule
  • 2-way text for staff-patient communication
  • Bulk text – employee notifications, emergencies
  • Time block text & email – Severe weather notifications, rearranging provider schedules & emergencies
  • Bulk email for newsletters & marketing
  • Multilingual reminders – English, Spanish, French & More
  • Fully-customized
  • Automated birthday greetings
  • EMR/PM/EHR Interface
  • All-Inclusive flat monthly fee – Unlimited messaging
  • HIPAA compliant

Learn how to reduce downtime and avoid patient No Shows.


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