How Your Nonprofit Can Put Money Where it Matters

With UniVoIP, We Help Your Organization Put Money Where it Matters.

A complete feature-rich solution supporting your initiatives and tailored to leverage your limited resources and budget.

Virtually No Hardware Costs – There is considerably less hardware costs with UniVoIP solutions because UniVoIP does not require nonprofit organizations to purchase proprietary hardware. Less hardware for the organization also means less energy costs to the Nonprofit in order to power and cool unnecessary proprietary hardware.

Zero Support or Maintenance Cost Customer Service and Support Quality – The top factors influencing buying behaviors in the nonprofit industry are related to Service Level Agreements (SLA). UniVoIP is “easy to do business with” and exhibits 98% renewal rates demonstrating that our 24/7 US-based customer service is of the highest quality.

Green Savings UniVoIP solutions and IP phones are the greenest in the industry. It actually costs twice as much to power a Cisco solution than it does a UniVoIP solution.

Unlimited Free Calling – Unlimited free calls in USA and Canada plus very competitive international rates (as low as $0.01 / minute).

Boost Engagement and Collaboration
Free VoIP Phones include features such as application integration, auto attendant, mobility, conferencing, contact center, mass messaging, security, disaster avoidance and more.


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