The New Age of Creating an Exceptional Customer Service Experience

Customers put trust into their favorite brands and services to provide them with a 5-star customer service experience but most companies are not delivering.

According to a survey done by American Express, 1 in 3 companies feel that they are not meeting their internal expectations for good customer service, and more striking is that 9 out of 10 companies feel that they are failing to meet their customer’s expectations of good service.

With these astonishing numbers, it’s no surprise that there is a rapid move in every industry to make customer service experience a priority in 2018. Creating a customer journey, that not only meets customer expectations but also provides a foundation for a consistent customer experience on every media channel of choice, is now the competitive edge that companies are seeking. Revenue generating opportunities lie within the scope of customer satisfaction, retention and acquisition. Now more than ever, and with all the technological solutions like an Omni-Channel contact center at the finger tips of companies worldwide, providing an exceptional customer service experience is easy, and more importantly, affordable.

According to the same survey, two-thirds of consumers admit that they are willing to spend more money with brands and services that provide an all-in-one customer service experience entrenched in personalization, immediate response, flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, the survey indicates that over half of consumers surveyed stated that they have passed up on a transaction in the past year due to a poor customer service experience.

So what this is all means is that, if your company does not focus on customer service experience as a priority, your company will miss out on valuable opportunities to increase profits.

Here at UniVoIP, we make customer service experience a #1 priority. Not only are our customers happier but our employees take joy in exceeding customer expectations.

In 2017, UniVoIP had a 4.92 out of 5 Star Rating in Customer Service

How do we do it? We make customers our focus. From day one, and for the entirety of our relationship with our customers, we continuously adapt to the changes in our customer’s demands to ensure that we are providing the most tailored services and solutions possible.

In 30 years and over 150 migrations to the cloud, my experience with UniVoIP has been the best so far. The support team owned the migration and kept on schedule while providing regular progress updates. – Mace Watson, CB&X Network Administrator

With customer service experience at the heart of everything we do, we have developed an Omni-Channel Cloud Contact Center that makes it possible for our customers to provide the same experience for their customers. So, in the end, our goal is to make our customers happy and do everything we can to offer the best set of tools, solutions, and technologies required to give our customers a competitive advantage in customer service.

About UniVoIP’s Omni-Channel Contact Center Solutions

UniVoIP’s Cloud-Based Omni-Channel Contact Center Solution enables enterprises to provide the optimal customer service experience with 100% scalable multimedia technology throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Founded on the understanding that customer experience is at the root of revenue generating opportunities, UniVoIP’s solution is a customer-centric, all in one approach to creating a cohesive, unified customer service strategy. By assimilating multiple channels, advanced resource management, analytics, security, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and customer intelligence tools, enterprises leveraging UniVoIP’s Omni-Channel Contact Center Solution set an industry standard for creating a superior customer service experience.


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