New Report Reveals How To Build An Omnichannel Contact Center

SPECIAL REPORT: What Customers are Demanding from the Engagement Experience and 5 Steps for Building an Omnichannel Contact Center



New York, NY – CCW Digital, a division of the IQPC Customer Management Practice, and UNIVOIP jointly announce the release of a new report covering the steps, strategies, and technologies needed to create an omnichannel contact center.

Instead of discussing it as an aspirational notion, the “Special Report on the Omnichannel Contact Center” recognizes omnichannel engagement as a fundamental customer demand. If organizations wish to connect with customers, they have no choice: they must deliver an omnichannel engagement experience.

They do, however, have a choice regarding how they deliver that omnichannel experience. Citing proprietary CCW Digital Research, commentary from principal analyst Brian Cantor, guidance from executive-level contributors and practical insights from UNIVOIP, this report empowers customer contact leaders to make the right choice.

The report reveals what customers are truly demanding from the engagement experience, shares 5 steps for building an omnichannel contact center, reveals 5 key elements of an omnichannel strategy and offers an omnichannel assessment tool.

“I’ve been hearing talk about the need to embrace omnichannel engagement for at least a decade,” says Cantor. “What I rarely hear are practical steps for not only building a contact center that can support omnichannel engagement but tactics for overcoming the key challenges that will arise. This report fills the void.”

“It really showcases how omnichannel seeks to provide the customer with the optimum seamless experience by gathering context and information across all engagement channels throughout the entire customer lifecycle,” says Chris Vuillaume of UNIVOIP. “Supporting multiple channels within a single interaction is the key to exceeding customers’ expectations.”

Developed in partnership with UNIVOIP, the report is the latest iteration of CCW Digital’s “Special Report” series. As a contrast from CCW Digital’s quarterly market studies, the special report series dives deep into specific topics that are — or should be — top-of-mind for customer contact leaders.

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