Was Pokémon Go Ready for Its Huge Success? Is your Business?

Can Your Communication Infrastructure Handle a Burst in Demand?

If you haven’t heard of Pokémon Go yet, you’re probably one of the only individuals on the planet. While it was only released in 3 nations at first, U.S., New Zealand and Australia, the craze has swept the world off its feet in just a matter of weeks. A seemingly child targeted smartphone app has quickly turned into a full blown obsession for millions of adults traveling the streets attempting to find little creatures amidst their every day lives. This newly designed gamers app is the most popular game in living history, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to its growing popularity.

If you are an avid Pokémon Go fanatic, you will have realized that its international release, apart from the first 3 nations, was much slower than expected.

Why, you ask? The app grew so quickly that it was not prepared for its huge success. Users across the world have been tweeting about major downtime, errors and login problems.

Considering Pokémon Go is the world’s most popular game in history and we are at the apogee of technological advancement, the app needed the necessary tools from initial development that could support its calculable demand. However, there success was larger than they ever expected.

Pokémon Go, much like any business should take the necessary proactive steps to prepare themselves for major growth.

It is no secret that the cloud has proven its flexibility and scalability to endless levels, but choosing the right cloud is where the debate resides.

With Google Cloud Platform seemingly struggling to cope with the heavy data demands of the video game service, some have poked fun at the downtime. – Sebastian Moss, Data Center Dynamics

It only took Niantic 3 days upon its initial release to announce that they will be adding more servers and a matter of weeks for shareholders to encourage big plans for the brand.

My next focus with Nintendo is for them to focus on monetizing the rest of their 4,000 patents for mobile gaming, multi-player gaming, et cetera. I think they could be making 30 to 60 billion yen ($290 million to $570 million) annually from licensing. – Fisher Reuters, Nintendo Shareholder and CEO of Oasis Management

With Nintendo’s imminent growth after this hugely popular release, we expect to see some great strides in their infrastructure to support their growing demand.

While Nintendo is a mega company, businesses no matter the size, no matter the location or the industry must be prepared for growth and expansion. Without a 5 year plan of excellence and predictable growth, a business is simply a rock standing in stagnant water.

So, the first step to ensuring readiness for expected or unexpected growth, is to get with the times and move to cloud communications if you haven’t already. Not just any cloud service, but a reliable cloud that is going to promise security, flexibility, growth, and innovation.

UniVoIP OfficeConnect is a highly scalable and advanced managed cloud phone system for any size company looking for an enterprise set of communication applications. It is designed with simplicity and everyday business use in mind, while being fully customizable to your needs.

Not to mention, putting customer service first is a priority in the cloud. When you hear contact center, you may think that it’s only advanced technology that large enterprises leverage but you’re wrong. More than 50% of contact centers belong to businesses with under 60 employees. Now that isn’t something you would expect. The truth is, a business must be prepared for anything and with excellent customer service being the driving force for a successful business, a multi-channel contact center that scales with the company is a necessity. A successful business model is to be prepared for the future, even when the future seems far off.

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