How to provide the best customer service experience with a Multimedia Contact Center

With the right set of tools customers are able to take control of their own customer service experience

Do you want to know what it takes to provide the best customer service experience that exceeds the mark and sets a new industry standard?

Well, the answer is simple. Customer service departments must constantly be anticipating trends in consumer preferences while also making use of evolving contact center technology designed specifically to satisfy customers that are demanding more, in less time and with higher expectations.

Here at UniVoIP, we have crafted a fully integrated omnichannel contact center that puts the consumer in control of their own customer service experience while equipping contact center agents with all the necessary tools to deliver on quality of service from anywhere, at any time.

Intelligent Call Routing for the best Customer Service Experience

When a new or returning customer calls your contact center, our technology ensures intelligent call routing so that they are connected to the agent that can best service their needs in the shortest amount of time.Or, maybe your customer would prefer to chat online with an agent instead. With UniVoIP’s multimedia approach that customer can easily initiate a chat from your website and get the immediate attention they desire.

Also, more than ever, customers are expecting to communicate with companies via text and our technology provides 2-way SMS for anything from doctor appointment notifications, password reminders, billing notices and more.

So, while your company is providing a superior customer service experience on the front end, we are equipping your agents and supervisors on the back end with real-time, historical and lifecycle reporting that helps your company to optimize its workforce. With advanced monitoring and reporting, your company can take control of productivity and improve key performance indicators.

For businesses looking to improve, efficiency, responsiveness and overall customer experience, UniVoIP has the right set of tools, features and applications to help you provide the best Customer Service Experience possible. Contact us today and schedule a demo to find out what we can do for you.


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