Security and Compliance in Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams

With over 400,000 businesses using Microsoft Teams daily for inbound and outbound voice, secure chat, screen sharing, conferencing, file sharing and more, Teams has become a leader in Unified Communications. Delivering collaboration at scale, with enterprise-grade security and compliance standards to meet the growing needs of a diverse range of organizations, Teams provides major opportunities for improving productivity, reducing costs, and creating an agile and responsive organization.

However powerful and secure Teams is as a standalone product, the most overlooked feature is Cloud Voice for MS Teams. With cloud voice, users don’t need another plugin or tool to enable access to the PSTN. It’s all done natively within the application, creating a consistent user experience whether calling a Teams user or a “contact” via PSTN.

The seamless cloud voice solution is a Single Point of Access and single Sign-on for administration to ensure security for users regardless of device.

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Let’s take a closer look at security and compliance in Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams.

Cloud Voice Security Overview

The Cloud Voice solution for MS Teams is delivered from a fully virtualized, cloud-native calling platform. It is geographically redundant, resilient and scalable. The solution has no single point of failure and recovers or self-heals in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Offering limitless capacity with a virtualized multi-stack architecture and ensuring that there is no need to deploy a premise-based Session Border Controller (SBC), Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams is at the apex of Unified Communication security and compliance.

UniVoIP’s Best-In-Class Security Measures to Protect Information Assets:

  • Data centers provide 99.99% availability with geo-redundancy for workload balance and continuity
  • Voice communications are encrypted with Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP)
  • MiNet signaling messages are only accepted from devices authenticated by data centers
  • Optional MPLS circuit offered between customer’s site and data centers for a private link for Voice Traffic
Server farm


Teams enforces team-wide and organization-wide two-factor authentication, a single sign-on through Active Directory, and encryption of data in transit and at rest. Via SharePoint encryption, files are stored, while Notes are stored in OneNote and supported by OneNote encryption.

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP)

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is available for MS Teams for content management. Allowing users to determine if content in applications is malicious in nature, and block content from access, users experience risk-free content downloads and access.

Safe Attachments

A feature designed to enhance security by checking for and detecting malicious attachments, global or security administrators can create policies for handling suspected malicious attachments. This feature ensures that malicious attachments are not sent, clicked or acted upon.

Information Barriers

Information barriers are policies put in-place by administrators to keep groups or individuals from communicating with one another when there is no business to do so, or a regulatory reason that would prevent communication from occurring.

Retention Policies

Retention policies allow users to retain data that’s important to the organization whether for legal, business, regulatory or other reasons. It also allows users and administrators to remove content and communications not relevant or important to normal business operations. Select periods of time can be designated to keep and/or delete content for automation purposes.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Designed to protect information assets, Direct Loss Prevention (DLP) is a feature that allows policies to be created that help ensure that users don’t share sensitive data with the wrong people. DLP is a foundation for business readiness and protecting documents and data within the application.


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