Coming Soon: Enhanced UniVoIP Service Control

UniVoIP Service Control has never looked better.

This new environment combinse Phone System, Conference Admin and account management.

Smooth sail through your account with our enhanced and highly intuitive Web-based Enterprise-grade Service Control portal offering a single-point of access to view, control, and report on all your Cloud Communication services with UniVoIP.

This Enhanced Service Control brings it all together as a management console that presents company data from multiple sources in a unified view to gain actionable insights. Developed from the ground up by the industry’s leading engineers at UniVoIP, and designed to provide comprehensive insights on user experience, our Service Control can be fully customized to your needs making it easier for you to manage your account and do business with UniVoIP.

New Service Control Center
New Service Control Center

Single Sign-on central portal

One-click access to all your data no matter the location, the time zone, or the device. Our enhanced cloud-based service control and all-inclusive portal delivers increased visibility, management and reporting of all UniVoIP product offerings.

Own the Activation

Self-activation of services allows you to expedite, simplify and customize deployment of UniVoIP services to your preferences within the Service Control portal, 24/7/365.

Rapid, disruption-free on-boarding

A Service Control’s single point of access to all Cloud Communications administrative resources including visual interfaces, eases users into swift and efficient on-boarding process.

Insightful Analytics

This unparalleled 360° view into your usage & performance including UCaaS traffic and/or integrated services and data, allows for thorough performance analysis and quality management.

Interactive reporting & documentation

Broad-scope reporting enables full visibility into a user’s experience and usage across all UniVoIP services to ensure smooth and efficient operations.

Comprehensive billing and payments visibility

A convenient and secure self-service tool that connects administrators to tasks, resources and payment options in a simple-to-use format.


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