The Best Way to Take Advantage of Microsoft Teams Calling

Today, more and more companies are planning to optimize their investment in Microsoft Teams by using Microsoft Teams calling. If your organization is using Microsoft Teams, you know how valuable it is as a collaboration tool, especially with its integration with Office 365. Microsoft Teams was one of the fastest growing applications during the pandemic,1 and there are over 500,000 companies using Teams for messaging and more.

It makes sense to incorporate calling into Teams using cloud voice calling because you can increase productivity and reduce costs at the same time.

UniVoIP’s Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams: The Perfect Solution

When you have workers located around your city, state, or country who use Microsoft Teams to collaborate, it makes sense to connect them to voice capabilities without leaving the Teams application. Users can make, receive, and transfer calls to and from landlines and mobile phones without leaving the Teams application. And the user interface remains consistent across all devices. 

UniVoIP’s Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams is a perfect solution for several reasons.

One-of-a-Kind Automated Onboarding

Setting up Microsoft Teams users could be a time-consuming challenge, but with UniVoIP’s unique automated onboarding, the task is significantly simplified. You can set up over 100 Teams users in 15 minutes or less. As a result, you can get started with a Teams phone system almost immediately.

All you need to do is activate the cloud voice paths, select or add new telephone numbers, and associate telephone numbers with users. You can automatically port existing numbers and verify service activation by tracking inbound and outbound calls.

Best-in-Class Infrastructure

UniVoIP’s Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams was built specifically to be used in this application, and there is no need for third-party plugins. You’ll use a cloud-native calling platform that is geographically redundant, resilient, and scalable with the ability to self-heal in the event of a disruption.

The network it runs on is dedicated to Teams, and you’ll have a management console that allows you to manage everything in one place. In addition, you can overlay fax, analog, and external paging to incorporate those features into the Teams environment.

Advantages of Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams

If you’re reviewing your voice capabilities, making the decision to use a Microsoft Teams phone system is an easy one. It’s easy to deploy and maintain, and it’s easy for users due to the consistent interface. In addition, you can reduce telephone costs and maximize your Teams investment. 

A built-in phone system already exists within Office 365 and Microsoft 365, so you’re taking full advantage of something you already have installed. With Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams from UniVoIP, you will have all of your collaboration tools in one place.

You’ll also have your choice of public switched telephone networks (PSTNs). That means you can get the most advantageous pricing for your business, and you won’t be held captive by Microsoft’s or any other single vendor’s calling plans.

Sound interesting? Learn more about our Microsoft Teams Cloud Voice solution.



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