Top Online Administration Features Your Business Phone System Must Have

“Business Must Haves” Blog Series: What Your Business Phone System Needs From Online Administration.

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What is Online Administration?

Online Administration allows users to configure their phones and administrators to fully manage the company’s phone system while monitoring their account activity in real time.

The OfficeConnect Online Administration offers an integrated solution which is centralized in the cloud. It has been designed to automate usual provisioning functions with a very intuitive user interface and make it very easy to add and change users, assign phones, manage extensions and groups anytime, from anywhere.

Your phone system. Your settings.

  • System and phone settings can be managed via the online portal from anywhere.
  • Admins can define profiles for users, limiting access to sensitive information and provide personnel with the features they need to execute their responsibilities effectively.
  • All employees, with or without administrative permissions, are able to modify and personalize their own phone via the web portal anytime and anywhere from any device.

A business leveraging a telecommunication system that empowers every employee of the organization to take control of their daily communications is necessary in today’s day and age. Giving employees the power to manage and maintain their personal settings for their phone system ensures productivity, improves customer service and promotes mobility.

The limitations of the old fashioned workspace are disappearing and businesses’ are spreading their operations across towns, states and countries. It’s vital that businesses of all sizes empower their work environment with the necessary tools that give employees the ability to take control of their workflows.

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