How UCaaS Ensures Educational Institutions are Equipped for the Future

When Schools Adopt Versatile Architecture with UCaaS, They are Delivering Their Community with Best Case Scenario Technology

Educational institutions have developed over the years into dynamic learning environments that tailor to the needs of students from every circumstance. Continuously, schools, libraries and universities work towards fostering creativity, intellect, diversity and individuality. Not only are these institutions the foundation for our future, but they are the true mark of great progress in our nation’s history.

Over time, learning has evolved and adapted to the needs of students and parents of every generation – making educational institutions an ever-evolving and constantly progressive environment. Everything from textbooks, concepts, learning techniques and teaching strategies have come great lengths to deliver what we now know as the best education we have ever provided our students.  So how does this have anything to do with UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) technology?

Well, as society modernizes and culture continues to evolve, educators are challenged with obstacles of increasing parental communications and involvement, staff mobility and collaboration, improved campus security and the rise of virtual learning. When you combine all of these challenges, on top of dwindling budget, it’s no easy feat for educational institutions to keep up.

With that said, there is a solution. While many schools, libraries and universities struggle to keep up with technological innovation, it’s no secret that UCaaS is making it possible for these institutions to modernize with their community.

Facilitating Modern Learning

UCaaS solutions offer affordable IP communication features and functionality that extend campus networks into home and local businesses, enabling staff and students to work from any location at any time. Furthermore, with an IP-based platform, faculty and students share applications across the network thereby cost-effectively enabling functionality previously unavailable or un-affordable. So when schools are promoting 21st century classroom design with video infusion, targeted distance learning, mentoring, lecturing and more, schools are offering their students a modern learning experience.

Engaging Parents and Staff 

Through integrated and unified messaging that UCaaS solutions offer educational institutions, teachers and principles become more responsive to time sensitive inquiries with applications that receive and organize parent, student and community related communication. By engaging the right tools that promote advanced parental communications educators can, easily and without much manpower, offer their community access to major information like school functions, meetings, activities, parent-teacher conferences and fundraisers .

Student and Faculty Safety

When emergencies occur, educational institutions can protect students and faculty with on-site notification and dispatch immediate response of on-site trained personnel to a 911 call in full compliance with E-911 legislation. Schools can alert callers of real-time changes to school or district operating information like closures, health alerts, emergency alerts and more. So, by bridging teachers and staff through real-time communications that offer information during emergencies and critical situations, schools are equipping their campuses with best case scenario technology.

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