UniVoIP Enterprise Communication Solution Recognized by CIOReview Magazine

UniVoIP Named Among 20 Most Promising Enterprise Communication Solution Providers of 2018

We are proud to announce that UniVoIP has been recognized as one of the 20 most Promising Enterprise Communication Solution providers of 2018 for promoting UC shift to multi-modal interactions.

The goal of enterprise communication systems is to simplify the employee communications and offer a more streamlined experience. Also, as the information is channeled through these systems, the systems need to be secured and compliant with regulations.

Numerous solution providers promise these advantages, however, selecting the one who indeed becomes a partner in your journey toward enterprise communications is easier said than done. To help you carry out this task with utmost ease, CIOReview has become the torch bearer in the enterprise communications landscape. After a thorough analysis of enterprise communication solution providers in the past few months, their distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, analysts, and the CIOReview’s editorial board has reviewed and selected 20 most promising companies in the enterprise communications domain. In their selection process, they have evaluated a vendor’s competency to provide efficient as well cost-effective enterprise communication solutions and services.

CIOReview’s Recognition Article on UniVoIP:

The global VoIP revenue is forecast to increase to more than $195 billion by 2024—a staggering 100 percent increase in the next eight years. In terms of value, managed IP PBX service is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 15.3 percent; again, doubling the rate of hosted IP.

Enterprises have begun to expect more from their communication infrastructures, however, there are factors that hinder companies from modernizing to achieve connectivity goals. For example, operating with a legacy PBX system that is disjointed and incompatible in facilitating a scalable communication experience is at the top of the list.

As we know, enterprises relish in the ability to exchange instant information and ideas through chat, video conference, and screen-sharing via a single managed platform from anywhere and on any device. Additionally, there is a high demand for large transport capabilities that can be achieved through emerging technologies such as SD-WAN. In both regards, this is where cloud technology is a game changer, and enterprises can foster a modern framework for seamless communications.

On that note and contrary to uninformed assumptions, embracing the ‘work from any screen’ notion without compromising on security is achievable in a budget-friendly manner, without complications and deployed without interruption of service.

As a seasoned expert in delivering solutions facilitating enterprise communications, California-based UniVoIP has strategically engineered its solutions to best cater to the dynamic needs of companies. Leveraging innovative cloud technologies, UniVoIP enables their clients to achieve a truly unified communication experience that drives operational efficiencies and seamless collaboration.

Recently, the company joined the AT&T Partner Exchange Program to provide another reliable transport medium and deliver quality voice and data services with a guaranteed SLA.

“Partnering with one of the largest fiber networks providers allows for a broader reach while offering clients a single point of contact for installation, provisioning, training, support, and billing,” says Nick Payab, COO at UniVoIP.

We continue developing and adding to our strong solution differentiators while working toward the projected future of the UCaaS market requirements

Servicing small businesses, or global entities with multiple locations, UniVoIP’s scalable solutions and services have positioned the company as a UC industry leader. With UniVoIP’s OfficeConnect™ solution, enterprises leverage their existing LAN to build a complete UC platform connecting physical VoIP phones, softphones running on a PC, web clients, and mobile applications. The solution houses file sharing, video conferencing, SMS, geo-fencing, voice and screen recording among its UC capabilities, which in turn simplifies BYOD. UniVoIP also offers contact center solutions that enable enterprises to deliver optimal customer services. With UniVoIP, enterprises can cater to their customer’s needs for assistance practically via any channel such as voice, video, chat, e-mail, and self-service options. Furthermore, UniVoIP’s platform facilitates intelligent call-routing and real-time monitoring that enables consolidation of insight from analytics and third-party software integration. UniVoIP also offers business internet and MPLS private network connectivity.

RadNet Inc., who struggled with phone system upgrades in over 60 of their sites migrated to the OfficeConnect Enterprise Solution years ago and now trust UniVoIP to manage all their locations remotely eliminating the need for field technicians while simultaneously bringing down maintenance time from days to minutes. Today, the client has over 100 sites across California. This is just one of the several happy clients that UniVoIP has catered to. The company holds more than 12 years of expertise in the UC space. Additionally, exceptional 24/7 support, disaster recovery, built-in options to gather business intelligence are among the other differentiating factors of UniVoIP. “We continue developing and adding to our strong solution differentiators while working toward the projected future of the UCaaS market requirements,” concludes Payab.

Please visit the online Enterprise Communication Special Edition of CIOReview magazine here, to see the full UniVoUP article.


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