LA Department of Transportation (LADOT) Adopts an OmniChannel Contact Center

LADOT Improves Quality of Service and Contact Center Management with UniVoIP’s OmniChannel Contact Center


Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) oversees transportation planning, design, construction, maintenance and operations within the City of Los Angeles and manages a fleet of over 300 vehicles, serving nearly 30 million passengers a year and operating over 800,000 hours. LADOT performs many transportation related duties, with six main operating groups: Parking Enforcement & Traffic Control, Operations Project Delivery, Parking Management & Regulations, Transit Services and Administration.

LADOT has a customer service team that helps millions of people across Los Angeles by answering questions related to the LADOT transportation services as well as dealing with critical situations including:

  • Routing assistance and connecting transit services
  • Helping the hearing impaired
  • Managing Cityride transit
  • Dealing with complaints and concerns

Those critical situations forced LADOT to ensure that their communication services were reliable, with no single point of failure and could provide full business continuity.


  1. Providing fast and accurate answers to customer’s urgent requests like bus delays, bus schedule information inquiries and special requests from the handicapped
  2. The ability to report on LADOT customer service activities and plan staffing according to forcasted trends
  3. Offering customer service interactions over text, email, or chat
  4. Offering real time monitoring and analytics on the customer service team’s productivity
  5. Ensuring reliability with Business Continuity

Decision Process

As the City of Los Angeles’ most used transit service, operating in 27 neighborhoods as well as connecting regional transit services, LADOT’s mission is to work and collaborate with the public transportation people of LA to provide reliable, safe and affordable transportation choices.

To achieve their mission, the executive staff at LADOT devised a strategic plan to upgrade, modernize and consolidate their communication infrastructure to ensure a reliable and transparent transit department.

Originally with an Avaya PBX system, LADOT faced ongoing communication challenges that limited their ability to service the LA community.

The Avaya system was creating a single point of failure and the department was continuously confronted with dropped calls, lack of technical support, limited analytical reporting to monitor and manage high call volume, and roadblocks in communication 24/7/365 critical information to their community.

It became readily apparent to LADOT that it was time to transition in OmniChannel contact center with advanced management tools that promote superior levels of customer service without boundaries.

With UniVoIP, we are now able to manage our contact center solution with analytical reporting that helps measure and monitor customer trends, needs and concerns. The management tools allow our agents to be more proactive in servicing our community. – Office Manager, LADOT

The Solution

Now deploying UniVoIP’s Omni-Channel Contact Center Solution, LADOT is able to deliver the best possible experience to the people of LA County through improved resiliency that is built on MPLS networking with automatic failover to Internet access.

With advanced contact center management tools readily available to agents and supervisors, LADOT is continuously improving internal operations through data-driven process improvements that better measure and track how effectively the department is servicing their customers.

Additionally, LADOT’s transition to UniVoIP supports their commitment to investing in disaster recovery plans, redundant communication systems and protocols that ensure continuous communication and safety of the community during emergency events.

UniVoIP offered us more functionality, better contact center management and reporting, increased agent productivity and simplified connectivity to the community more than our Avaya PBX phone system ever could. – Office Manager, LADOT

The Results

Contact Center Management to Improve Quality of Service

Community Benefits

  • Prioritized health and safety to the people of LA county with more effective external communication
  • Improved accessibility to LADOT’s public facing information 24/7/365
  • Instant notification of emergency situations through mass messaging capabilities
  • Improved first call resolution with immediate call routing to the best trained agent to handle needs

Management Benefits 

  • Improved productivity and reduced operating expenses through data-driven performance monitoring
  • A migration to virtual environments through multimedia technology
  • Advanced leverage of analytical tools and reporting that track and monitor customer-agent interaction
  • Enhanced ability to meet and exceed key contact center performance indicators

An Ongoing Partnership between UniVoIP and LADOT

UniVoIP and LADOT continue to work together to monitor, evaluate and streamline communication processes for the department. Through an ongoing partnership and a mission to serve the people of Los Angeles, UniVoIP and LADOT approach designing and implementing a communication infrastructure that embodies the key principles of reliability, accountability and growth of the people and their community.


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