What It Is Like For A Nonprofit Organization To Be In The Cloud

Placing Your Nonprofit into the Cloud is a Trip Your Organization has been Longing to Take

You’ve already adopted cloud communications and you’re already realizing it’s that much needed upgrade your nonprofit has been looking for. Now you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of that trip into the cloud that you have been longing to take.

Your mission is our mission. You’re now being provided with the right communication tools to help improve your organization, the lives of those you change for the better, and empower your team to make a difference.

The new operational flexibility, more efficient staff, greater savings and higher productivity in and out of the office are all benefits you are now reaping on your trip. With Hosted VoIP, your organization is now relieved of its unnecessary technical telecommunications responsibilities and you can allocate expenses elsewhere. You can focus on your mission and together, we can thrive for community advocacy.

You’re now with a communication solution that offers powerful features to foster conversation, spark debates and launch new ideas while promoting mobility and tracking of all communication interactions in one central place.

With unified communications including email, fax, video, chat, phone calls, dial-in conference, contact centers and management applications, your organization is operating at higher productivity levels and maximizing staff capabilities. Your staff members are now managing their communications with donors, members and the community as well as formulating unbreakable bonds with your organization’s members. You are now realizing that taking that trip into the cloud was the best decision you could have made for your nonprofit organization.

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