Why Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) is Critical for Nonprofits

UCC powers a superior donor experience and keeps staff collaborating in an all-in-one communications experience for Nonprofits

Why the modern nonprofit needs UCC:

Put simply, Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions increase collaboration, improve productivity, empower mobility and promote community engagement and support for the modern nonprofit. UCC offers seamless communication between staff members and constituents in the office or on-the-go with a fully integrated Omni-Channel contact center and cloud PBX solutions designed to accelerate nonprofit growth with more powerful donor and supporter engagement.

Omni-Channel Contact Center

A 100% scalable Omni-Channel Contact Center makes it possible for organizations to efficiently engage donors, volunteers and supporters on their media channel of choice while maintaining service levels across all media types. Also important to mention is that, with advanced productivity tools, staff members are able to monitor and manage operations with real-time, historical and life-cycle reporting so that nonprofits can deliver a five-star donor experience.

Leveraging a fully integrated donor centric contact center designed for nonprofits means that organizations are able to accept donations from supporters and connect with the community on their media of choice. So, by offering a seamless communications via email, voice, chat, SMS and self-service options, nonprofits give donors and supporters full control of their interaction with the organization – a must in today’s fundraising environment.

Furnished with call recording, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), complete softphone capabilities, real-time and historical reporting, agent monitoring and more, organizations are equipped with advanced tools to confidently improve fundraising programs, engage the community and expand their nonprofit.

Contact Center Benefits:

Donor-Centric Communication – Donors choose how they communicate and donate on their channel of choice; voice, email, SMS, chat or self-service options on any device

Interactive Voice Response – IVR capabilities to effectively automate, personalize and expedite the donor and supporter experience

Staff Productivity – A single interface providing staff with tools to ensure accurate, productive and efficient donor service

Monitor and Manage – Real-time and historical management reporting for multimedia community interactions and staff productivity

Mobile Collaboration

To keep staff productive and connected with colleagues on-the-go, innovative mobile collaboration applications like MiCollab allows staff to focus more on connecting with the community and less on overcoming communication challenges among colleagues. With MiCollab, staff members are empowered with a consistent and mirrored communications experience across all their favorite devices. It’s as easy as stopping a conversation on one device and picking it up on another whether you’re in the office, at home, or out serving your community.

Key Benefits:

  • Enjoy an in-office experience from anywhere, on any device with a mobile first design
  • Spend more time engaged in productive communications with colleagues
  • Boost the sharing of knowledge and ideas across business silos
  • Extend the power of teamwork beyond the walls of an office space
  • Avoid project delays and meet deadlines with more efficient employee collaboration

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