Why VoIP Is The Perfect Solution for Non Profit Organizations

Non Profit Organizations are Turning to VoIP Communications

ADVANCED FEATURES.  VoIP Platforms deliver advanced features to any business sector, however non-profits are taking advantage of the enterprise class system to increase donations and networking. Unifying communications offers non profit organizations a plethora of features including, auto attendants, time of day routing, and unifying messages. Additionally VoIP allows smaller organizations to appear larger by delivering direct inward dialing numbers to tenants. This allows start-up incubators to appear as if they have their own phone system and communication presence.

MINIMIZING COSTS. By deploying a hosted VoIP model, non profit organizations are able to achieve economic benefit by lowering up-front capital costs as well as keeping administrative costs and maintenance costs at an all time low. Additionally, non profit organizations are able to take advantage of an elite communications system utilized by large enterprises, with all the same advanced features and capabilities, but for a one low monthly rate. By switching from a CAPEX model to an OPEX model when turning to VoIP, non profit organizations are realizing the on-going economic benefits of their transition.

“GREEN TECHNOLOGY”. As many non profit organizations are at the forefront of the ‘green revolution’, VoIP is becoming increasingly more attractive due to it’s usage of green technology. An example is VoIP’s IP faxing which cuts down on paper usage and reduces an organization’s carbon foot print. Additionally, VoIP calls remove the need for expensive copper telephone wires and traditional phone equipment; which cuts down on waste in landfills. Furthermore, VoIP offers mobility for organizations. This allows remote workers to communicate from anywhere in the world, with all the same features and capabilities at the office, without the need for travel. In other words, VoIP connects organizations and users from any location while reducing pollution, utility costs and gas consumption.

PHONE DONATION PROGRAM: Receive FREE advanced VoIP phones for qualified non-profit organizations. 



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