Why Your Business Should Leave PBX Behind and Migrate to the Cloud

It’s crucial to eliminate extraneous and costly factors to zero in on the things that drive revenue.

Imagine being able to run a large company with no big office space, no complicated tech room and a staff scattered about the entire country. Until just recently, such a company would have been virtually impossible to manage. Today, however, it’s all possible thanks to cloud based communication systems.

Traditionally, to run a company, you needed to have a large tech room full of computers, peripherals and wires as well as a staff of IT technicians to maintain each component and the system software. Now, thanks to mobile cloud based communication solutions, a third party can handle the management and maintenance of this kind of technology. No matter what type of company you run, cloud communication systems could transform the way that you manage your business. Thousands of firms that have already adopted cloud based communication systems have enjoyed greater efficiency and heightened productivity with far less overhead costs and management stress.

What Are the Benefits of Cloud Based Communications? The benefits of cloud based communication solutions are numerous. For starters, they don’t require any onsite equipment, because everything is hosted and run by an off site entity the cloud service. This simplifies the communications setup as compared to a private branch exchange.

Other benefits of cloud based communication systems include mobility, affordability and reliability. With cloud telephony, you get all the functions of a phone system, but with out the large, expensive and hard to manage arsenal that an in house phone system would entail. As long as you and your colleagues have mobile devices, you can conduct calls, receive voicemails and send fax messages from the palm of your hand.

Cloud based systems are also an affordable option that allows you to save on the overhead associated with running companies the old fashioned way.

Mobility. With mobile cloud based communication solutions, you and your team can get work accomplished from any location under the sun with mobile access. Whether your team is locally grouped or scattered about across the planet, you can all convene at any time via cloud based interfaces. Even if some of your colleagues are on the other side of the world, you can send and receive messages and real time updates when everyone connects to mobile cloud communication solutions.

Most cloud based services have also incorporated phone technology into their framework, which allows users to connect to cloud systems via handheld mobile devices. This way, team colleagues can upload and download documents, send and receive messages, and hold voice and video chat sessions from anywhere across the globe via smartphones and tablets.

Best of all, the cloud service hosts the necessary technology, which means that you don’t have to buy expensive equipment, download complicated software or hire in house tech people to install and maintain the technology.

Cost Efficiency. The overall cost of infrastructure is also a lot more cost efficient with a cloud based service because everything is digital. You don’t have to have gigantic computer rooms full of coiled wires and machines that go out of date every few years. Furthermore, you don’t have to hire an IT staff just to maintain such equipment. With cloud technology, your service provider handles the technical stuff. You and your colleagues can just relax and work from the office, home, coffee shops or wherever you want via your laptops and smartphones.

Ease of Collaboration. Cloud technology offers business teams unified communication solutions that make it easier than ever to collaborate on projects. Gone are the days when you needed to have a large, expensive office space to accommodate everyone on your team with desks, chairs, computers and meeting tables. Gone, too, are the days when you could only collaborate if when everyone meets in the same physical place. With cloud technology, each collaborator can participate from home via PCs and mobile devices.

Multimedia cloud based communication solutions offer an array of software for all types of collaborative projects. As long as you’re in WiFi range, you can access the software with any digital handheld device to view and contribute updates. Best of all, the service provider maintains these software programs, so you don’t have to worry about bugs or compatibility issues with your local hardware.

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