Will Avaya Chapter 11 Filing Affect Customer Experience?

How will Avaya Chapter 11 Filing Affect Customer Experience?

In the wake of Avaya’s chapter 11 filing we take pride in our financial stability and the commitment we make to our customers.

In a time where the future of Avaya is unpredictable due to their recent Chapter 11 filing, it’s normal for Avaya customers and Nortel system users to question how this affects them and their business. While the future remains unknown for Avaya, we assess the potentially negative impact on the end-users and ensure that our solution remains strong and viable for our customers.

Potential negative impact of Avaya’s Chapter 11 Filing:

  1. Unstable and rising prices
  2. Expensive and limited customer service due to staff reduction
  3. Mandatory costly updates
  4. Revised Service Level Agreements
  5. Quality of Service (QoS) degradation

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Avaya in the News:

“Telecommunications company Avaya Inc filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Thursday to reduce its debt load of about $6.3 billion but said it would not sell its call center business, which it had tried to do last year.” – Reuters

“Avaya has $6 billion in debt maturing within a year and said that its balance sheet was hampering its transformation to become more software and services based.” – ZDNet

“Avaya’s revenue fell to $958 million in the fourth quarter ended on Sept. 30 from $1 billion a year earlier, according to financial results released Thursday. For the fiscal year, the company posted a net loss of $750 million.” – Fortune

“…Avaya reported its fourth quarter and 2016 results. The company posted a net loss of $505 million on revenue of $958 million, down from $1 billion a year ago. For the fiscal year ending September 30, Avaya reported a net loss of $750 million on revenue of $3.7 billion. Avaya has $6 billion in debt maturing within a year.” – ZDNet


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