The Way to Channel Sales Growth in 2021? Selling UCaaS and CCaaS

Internal and external communications are mission critical functions – but they can be expensive and hard to manage. That’s where unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) come in. Not only are these cloud-based tools the way forward for modern business communications today, but they are lucrative avenues for channel partner recurring revenue.

Why Selling UCaaS and CCaaS Is a Smart Choice

You already know how one of the most major changes for businesses in 2020 was the quick shift from premise-based communications tools to the cloud. When call centers and offices had to move remote quickly, it was easy to see that on-premise technology was no longer a benefit.

employees using contact center
using ucaas remotely

Internal communications then spread over disparate systems. Some businesses were using collaboration software that had no connection to videoconferencing. Employees set up their own video accounts rather than using a company-approved tool. Everyone wasted time making sure they had the same tools their colleagues were using.

And communication with customers also suffered as entire teams went remote using the work-from-home solutions seen as supplements to the real on-premise system.

Some companies invested in remote systems right away. But others know they need to and are still looking for the right communications systems for their needs.

A Growth Opportunity for Channel Partners

This quick shift shows no sign of slowing down, which is why now is the perfect time for you to begin offering UCaaS and CCaaS. Many of these companies who have been working on quick fixes and band-aid solutions still need an ongoing fix to their communications needs. 

The UCaaS market is projected to grow1 to $24.8 billion by 2024, and the CCaaS market is projected to grow2 to $35.1 billion by 2026. That growth is not expected to slow down after that time frame. You can take advantage of this opportunity in channel sales by partnering with a provider that delivers both UCaaS and CCaaS with record-low customer churn rates.

How to Stand Out as a Channel Partner

One of the keys to being effective at UCaaS and CCaaS sales is knowing the services you are selling and the needs they address.

Start by learning the tools you are selling backward and forward. You should know not only what they are and how they work but also what problems they are designed to solve. You will be positioning yourself as an expert, and you need to be able to back that up with real knowledge and the ability to answer questions and design custom solution packages.

Then make sure you are clear on the needs of your potential customers. Look for a specific type of prospect: 

  • Someone who is using a legacy phone system and understands the need to upgrade
  • A company that is growing quickly – they will see the value of a service that scales without hassle
  • A business that is using other cloud or managed services so they will be open to treating their internal communications and/or call center as a managed service 
  • One that wants to innovate and be seen as on the forefront of technology

Now get to know them specifically. What are their pain points? What tools do they wish were better integrated with one another? What do they like about their current UC and CC solutions? What is on their wish list? How are they using cloud-based solutions already? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can offer them the suite of UCaaS and CCaaS services that will solve their problems and provide them the opportunity to grow, be more efficient, and provide better customer service.

consulting about business options with ucaas and ccaas

Speaking of customer service, you will want to continue to provide stellar service once you’ve made the sale. Just as your clients’ customers make snap decisions based on their interactions with the customer service team, your clients can make decisions to change vendors if you aren’t meeting their needs. Make sure you’re ready by partnering with a communications provider that offers great products and service so your clients remain happy.

The steps you need to take are:

  • Choose a provider that helps you target the right prospects.
  • Digest your provider’s educational material to better understand how their solution is different.
  • Develop your list of target buyers.
  • Get to know your prospects’ needs.
  • Get selling!
workers in a call center

How UniVoIP Supports Partners

UniVoIP is an integrated communications provider that offers white-labeled UCaaS and omnichannel CCaaS solutions with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for your customers. We also support channel sales with high commissions and affiliate and referral programs that offer further options to earn ongoing revenue. Our customer churn rate is the lowest in the industry at .25%.

Ready to Get Started?

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