Speakers Wanted: Educational Nonprofit Webinar Series

Join our Nonprofit Webinar Series as a Guest Speaker, Industry Thought Leader, or Successful Nonprofit Organization

Now Booking Speakers for our Nonprofit Webinar Series: UniVoIP has been working very closely with the nonprofit community. We have sponsored different initiatives and continue to nurture great relationships with our existing nonprofit organizations by giving them a voice and an opportunity to be heard.

Our Webinar series is strictly educational and seeks to help nonprofits with outreach programs, fundraising, community building and all other initiatives. We share their mission and want them to be successful. Additionally, by bringing in industry thought leaders, we are offering nonprofits a valuable resource filled with unparalleled knowledge.

Contact us to request a speaking opportunity:

Email: marketing@univoip.com | Phone: 310.424.3265

Objective: To offer our current nonprofit customer base exposure for their initiatives, programs and general missions while also providing the nonprofit industry a valuable educational resource with industry through leaders and experts.

UniVoIP is determined to be a valuable resource for the nonprofit community and share the industry secrets for success. We want to empower as many missions as possible and give the industry a platform to excel in every way. If you are interested in becoming a part of that process, please contact us as soon as possible. We are currently booking thought leaders for future webinars.
Learn more about UniVoIP: www.univoip.com
UniVoIP’s Nonprofit Donation Program: www.univoip.com/nonprofit

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